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4 Awesome Reasons to Move to Bergen County


One cannot afford to get whimsical when considering a location on where to buy a home. So even if you do find the home of your dreams, it is no guarantee that you will get to live there until one has put some factors into consideration. Crime rates are a particular area of interest to a new homeowner. In case one has school going children, then one must look for proximity to good schools in the area. The amenities available within the area of choice are also of utmost importance because it makes absolutely no sense to be living in a beautiful town that cannot offer you and your family basic amenities. These considerations are to be looked at in the long term because owning a home is just as about permanent as it can get so it is best to do it right the first time around. This article looks at why Bergen County in New Jersey is the ideal place to own a home.


Non-Discriminatory Real Estate Laws

 New Jersey might just boast the best real estate among a number of states. It has very clear-cut real estate laws that must be adhered to by all and sundry. It has The Attorney General’s Memorandum which is a legal document that prohibits against discrimination of any kind while purchasing or renting a home. Besides that, its laws ensure that each and every realtor be licensed by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission to avoid fraud and increase legitimacy.


Close Knit and Fairly Crime-Free Communities

Bergen County has something to offer for everyone. Most of its towns have communities that are so close-knit where everyone knows and helps everyone. Towns like Ridgewood are ideal for young adults looking to raise children because of this closeness of people. Other towns that are famed for friendly neighbors and people are Fair Lawn, Paramus and Hackensack which is a very quiet small town. It is also a safe place to live with fewer cases of crimes like burglaries and assaults recorded per 100,000. Most towns have a small population, and this is good because there will be ample space where children can play without necessarily having to live in suburbia. If one is looking to live in the suburbs, Bergen County has these too.


Cultural Diversity

Some of the towns in New Jersey are quite diverse both economically and culturally and are excellent places for virtually anybody to live in. This is mostly because most of these towns are quite near New York City which is famed for its highly diverse population. Some of these towns have a great collection of restaurants and nightlife which make them ideal for the young adult looking to somewhat slow down but still have a fun side of life. It is quite appealing to live in a small town that is quiet, family oriented and yet diverse at the same time.

Rising Property Value

The recession in 2009 saw the real estate industry take a plummeting that most analysts thought nobody was going to recover from. Time has been kind and slowly the revival of the industry has been seen. New Jersey is no different and time has seen the population slowly rising much to the pleasure of the realtors and the industry at large. This growth in population has seen the value of property slowly rising. Owning a home here will give you value for money in the long term because the value of property appreciates with time as long as the market is favorable. The downside of a rise in the value of a property is that if one decides to put up their home on the market for sale, it may be a while before finding a buyer since most families looking to own a home are usually in the median earning range.

If one is looking for a slowly growing area to live in, then Bergen County, New Jersey is the place to be. It is safe, clean, has some amazing sceneries that surround it. Each town has its own real estate market so it is really just a matter of looking into the town that offers you what you are looking for as an individual.


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